Redcap Moor

technique: multi-colored plywoodgraphy and handcoloring with watercolors and gold paint
base material: mitsumata-washi
image size: w 80 x h 100 mm (3.1 x 3.9 in)
paper size: 100 x 148 mm (3.9 x 5.8 in) - Japanese postcard size
year: 2005

edition: limited to 10 sheets ( stock: 1 2 3* 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 )
product number: GFS-RM

* No.3 is on All-sheet set with Branch Screen.

price: JPY 10,000

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  • In addition to the price, you have to pay 5% at the consumption tax only on orders shipped within Japan. It will not be charged on shipments to overseas.

Design and Technique

The goldfish has been bred and petted for a long time in Japan. I expressed old Japanese tradition by drawing goldfish with water plants in Japanese natural scenery. Printed with plywoodgraphy for the most part and with the grain of burnt wood for ripples, on Washi that is Japanese traditional paper. Colored by hand-coloring with watercolors for transparence, and gold paint for gorgeous.

Also I have them in my small pond and water pots with lotus, water lily, iris and the like.

Goldfish "Redcap Moor" and Nuphar Japonicum:

- The Redcap Moor possesses a pair of protruding eyes, and a silver body with a prominent red wen on the forehead.

- Nuphar Japonicum is a beautiful and distinctive aquatic plant, grown at shallow pond or marsh. Its root looks like white bone. The inflorescence bears yellow flowers. It forms floating leaves in growth season like most water lilies, but also it forms beautiful underwater leaves throughout the year.

Exhibition and Contest

This series was accepted following Exhibitions:

  • 4th International Biennial of Miniature Art Czestochowa 2006 - Poland
  • 26th Mini Print International of Cadaques 2006 - Spain
  • 4th Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition 2006 - Canada
  • 8th International Miniature Art Biennial 2006 - Canada
  • 5th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2006 - Bulgaria
  • 25th Mini Print International of Cadaques 2005 - Spain
  • 4th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2005 - Bulgaria